Mobile Apps

Mobile App Reseller

APPS in your mobile marketing toolbox propel you to full-service mobile marketing. Creating apps is difficult and apps programmers are expensive. You don’t have time to learn code, and now you don’t have to!

And now featuring UNLIMITED APPS!

MobileBizBox gives you the tools to create state-of-the-art apps to meet the needs of your customer base. 
No longer are apps reserved for just big players with deep pockets. With MobileBizBox, you can build apps for anyone thinks apps are out of their reach. 
Just what do these apps do? The question might be — what don’t they do? Prepare to be wow’d. 
 Help Customers Reach You
One Touch Calling
TAP TO CALL This is a no brainer. If they can't find you they can call you. 
 GPS Directions
 Give turn-by-turn GPS directions to a business from anywhere in the world.  Just like the Big Guys do it!

Fully-featured mobile selling platform

Shopping Cart Integration

Automatically integrate a shopping cart into your mobile apps.

GPS Coupons

Feature mobile coupons that your customers unlock by checking in
at your business.

Mobile Ads

Monetize! Integrate ads into your app using many of the best mobile ad providers available.

Mobile tools to communicate effectively

Useful in-app functionality to help your clients

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