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Become a market leader for mobile websites with the MobileBizBox mobile website reseller program: A user-friendly Mobile Content Management System that will have you making state of the art mobile websites for your customers optimized for all the popular smart phones, such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

You don’t have to be a master at code to use our mobile website platform. If you can post content in a blog or word processing document, you can create a mobile website. It reallyis that easy.

Easily replicate your customers main website.

Basic Features
that your customers need:

  • tap to call
  • tap to email
  • easy logo uploader
  • versatile background colors
Advanced Features
to put pizazz in your sites:

  • mobile coupons
  • GPS-enabled maps
  • Mobile video
  • RSS feeds
Customize your sites
to your customers needs

With the MobileBizBox mobile marketing solution, you can build mobile sites that mirror your customer’s brands! And, it’s drag and drop, cut and paste simple to create good-looking, user-friendly, functional mobile sites.


Like using an online calendar, you can schedule events that repeat. Easily manage customers’ events without having to update them in real time. 


Our content management system allows you to easily create and maintain your clients’ sites.

The software is point and click, copy and paste, drag and drop easy to use.


Mobile Devices will automatically detect your mobile version of the site… There’s a code for that! One more piece of the puzzle and all you have to do is copy the code and paste it into your customer’s site! 

SEO Friendly

Import meta data (description and title tags), add mobile-specific keywords. Our software walks you through the data plugins to the mobile site. No need for you to learn any code


Use Google Analytics
to track all your sites. Always know exactly where your visitors are coming from and how they got there!

Hide in Navigation

Test modules before you add them to the site or only link to them from specific pages.

Latest Technology

You can be assured that your mobile websites will always be up-to-date, because we use
jQuery Mobile, CSS3 and HTML5 in our coding.

Custom Domain

Your customers can have their own custom URL 

A Mobile Website Reseller You Can Count on

We will wow you with our customer ­service and our impressive mobile website builder platform. As the mobile market evolves and changes we will continue to add new features.

24/7 Support

Support around the clock: We offer e-mail support 24 hours a day, every day. We know it’s important you get your questions and concerns answered quickly and efficiently.

Hosting Up-Time

At MobileBizBox we work hard so that you can have 
24/7 High-Uptime hosting. You can be assured your sites will always be live.

Constant Updates

The mobile market changes quickly, so you need the best product available. We will provide at least two updates a month to ensure that you always have the best tool we can provide.
We know how important it is to have a product that functions the way you want, is reliable and affordable.

Security and peace of mind

We host and manage everything. You never have to worry about updates or downloads to stay current.
Take our platform for a test drive with our no-obligation, FREE 30 day trial. Create up to 5 websites and see just how easy it is to use and create great-looking mobile sites!
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