SMS Marketing

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SMS Marketing

But first, “What is text message marketing?“
Text Message Marketing (or SMS Marketing) lets people use SMS (short message service) text messaging as a medium of direct advertising.

But first, it’s used to build the actual list of prospects and customers by collecting mobile phone numbers. This is usually done by customer opt-ins using a keyword (a unique word used by the client to identify the campaign) sent to a short code (a shortened phone number), which adds their number to the messaging platform database. Once numbers are collected, you can then prepare a special promotion and send a mass message to potential repeat customers.

Using our software you can create marketing campaigns in just minutes that will send a text message with an offer to a prospect or customer’s mobile phone.

Example of a short code SMS Text Message

Now, here’s where that gets interesting. Using SMS marketing, response rates have shown to have increased by 30%. Do you think that kind of increase would help your clients bottom lines? You bet! Adding mobile is as easy as having your client add that mobile message to advertising they are already running and placing signs with the mobile message in their place of business.

Text Message Marketing is Highly Targeted

Text message marketing is also targeted. Your clients newspaper, magazine, radio and/or television ads are hard to target. With direct mail you can target a neighborhood or zip code, but that still doesn’t mean the message is reaching people who will spend money with your clients.
Text message marketing allows the end user to directly target customers that have already spent money with them and know, like and trust them. Those customers just need an incentive to increase their spending frequency.

SMS marketing allows your clients to directly target their ads to customers who are most likely to spend more money with them.

Text Message Marketing Is Easy

Text message marketing is also very easy to set up and start a new campaign. Unlike print and or radio or tv ads, which can be very complex, text messages are less than 160 characters which makes them easy to create.

You can realistically set up a campaign in 5 minutes and have sales and customers coming through your clients doors that same day. No other advertising medium can offer that speed or real time delivery.
For example, if you have a bakery as a client, and they haven’t sold all their pastries, you can set up a campaign offering all pastries at 50% off for the next 4 hours or until they’re sold out. How valuable do you think that kind of advertising would be to a client?
Overall, text message marketing has been shown to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail. With clients eager to spend advertising dollars, but hesitant to make a bad advertising choice on ineffective advertising, the time to become a mobile marketing consultant is now.
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